Wolvic Conferences: Autumn 2023

Felipe Erias from the Wolvic team attended AWE Asia 2023 in Singapore on the 27th-28th of August, where he delivered a talk on “Web Browsing in Extended Reality”.

Felipe’s talk focused on showing how Web browsing on Extended Reality enables users to navigate and interact with traditional web-based content as well as immersive WebXR experiences. The session explored the technical challenges and design opportunities of creating a Web browser designed specifically for XR devices, drawing on our experience building Wolvic, a multiplatform and open source Web browser for XR.

Felipe will also be in Shanghai in September attending several GOSIM (“Global Open-Source Innovation Meetup”) events, including a Metaverse workshop on the 23rd-24th and a conference on the 26th.

The Wolvic team will also attend AWE Europe 2023 in Vienna on the 24th-25th of October, where we will showcase Wolvic on different XR devices and use cases.