Wolvic Chromium 0.9.1 Released

Hello, and welcome to the v0.9.1 Wolvic Chromium beta! We’ve been working to make improvements to Wolvic running on Chromium’s backend. This is a smaller update with bug fixes and enhancements before we get ready to launch v1.0 for Chromium later this month.

This is the second and last release of 0.9.x series of Wolvic with the Chromium backend. The next version, v1.0, will be released in some stores so you won’t have to sideload it.

This v0.9.1 brings all the latest bug fixes and enhancements from the latest Gecko-based v1.6.1 plus some specifics related to the use of Chromium as the Web Engine. The main highlights are the upgrade from Chromium M121 to M124 and also support for the OpenXR hand interaction profile for much better hand tracking in selected supported devices

Chromium improvements

Wolvic improvements