Wolvic 0.9.6 Released

Igalia is pleased to announce that Wolvic 0.9.6 is now available! This update brings a number of bug fixes and new features for all users, plus FirefoxAccounts accounts for our users in China and Meetkai speech recognition for Huawei VR Glass users.

One of the biggest changes is at the sub-pixel level: we’ve enabled MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) support for WebXR sessions, which helps a great deal to do away with the “jaggies”. The bottom edge of the big WebXR cube in the following captures highlights the difference MSAA can make.

In 0.9.6, MSAA is enabled by default in Oculus Quest 2, and we’ve added fine-grained control over the MSAA levels to the Settings area in case you need to lower it for performance reasons, or you if you want a chunky retro feel to your XR sessions. On other devices, you’ll need to enable MSAA if you want anti-aliasing in your XR sessions; we left it disabled for performance and power-conservation reasons.

For our Huawei VR Glass users, we’ve fixed vertical-scrolling inversion bugs, added a new model for the 3DoF controller, and improved the speech recognition error handling while adding the Meetkai speech recognition service.

We’ve also fixed the problem everyone was having where sometimes the pointers would be pointing straight up instead of straight ahead, so games like Moon Rider should be easier to navigate. With all that plus crash fixes, better user interface feel in Settings, links to support articles for some preferences, and more, we hope you’ll give Wolvic 0.9.6 a try!



Oculus Quest2