Wolvic 1.3.3 Released

Welcome to the third bug fixing release of the 1.3 series, which not only fixes some bugs but brings back some lost features and improves the video-watching experience for all.

First off, we’re glad to have improved hand tracking on all supporting devices. This should result in fewer “phantom clicks” when trying to pinch and move content, and more clicks when and where you intend them.

Similarly for all devices, we’ve brought back the background dimming when watching a video that’s set to “fullscreen” within the Wolvic window. For those of you who ran into problems with VR180 videos, we’ve fixed the left-to-right problems some were experiencing, so please give those another try. And for everyone who watches videos in Wolvic, we increased the CPU level for those operations, which should mean smoother playback.

Also, on Pico devices, we’ve made the controller avatars visible on Pico 4E devices when using PicoOS 5.4.

There are some other fixes and tweaks listed in the notes below, but as always, if you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please let us know on GitHub.