Wolvic 1.3.4 Released

Welcome one and all to the fourth bug-fixing release of the 1.3 series! And in keeping with our past few releases, version 1.3.4 adds some new features to share with you.

One of the biggest is that we’ve changed the hand gesture for the “go back” action. Whereas it was a simple pinch of the thumb and ring (fourth) finger, now it involves turning your left palm toward your face and then pinching with your thumb and index (first) finger. There are two reasons for the change: one, the original gesture was very difficult for most sets to recognize; and two, the new gesture makes it much less likely to trigger the action by mistake.

The second major change is an update to several of the Android libraries we use. This will let Wolvic run on devices that use more modern APIs, and also avoid the crashes some users were experiencing. Further, we made some adjustments to deal with changes made by YouTube that made it harder to find immersive videos and broke some UI elements, and expanded support for 360° video/photo sites.

There are more fixes and changes listed in the notes below, but as always, if you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please let us know on GitHub.