Wolvic 1.4.1 Released

Hello and welcome to the first bugfixing release of the 1.4.x series of Wolvic. The big advancement here is dramatically improved hand tracking, thanks to better aim-ray handling in systems that don’t have certain API extensions, and a filter upgrade to remove tracking jitter. In the process, we’ve added a gesture to exit Wolvic entirely: look at your right hand palm, then pinch your thumb and index finger together.

Streaming media have also gotten some updates, with fixes for YouTube, Apple TV+, and AirPano — plus the addition of support for Max (formerly HBO Max) and Paramount+. And for those of you in mainland China, we’re now using AppInChina for distribution.

There are various other changes and updates, which are listed in the notes below. If you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please send us your feedback via the feedback form we introduced with Wolvic 1.4; or, if you prefer, you can file an issue on GitHub.



Streaming media

Hand tracking



Expanded availability


Build system