Wolvic 1.4.2 Released

It’s that time: welcome to the second minor release of the Wolvic 1.4.x series. This release includes bug fixes, small but noticeable UI improvements, and enhanced stability.

Starting with this version, downloaded files will be stored in the device’s public Downloads folder. Previously, they had been stored in an app-specific folder, with its own interface and so on, which we admit was a bit clumsy and too app-specific. This change makes Wolvic more useful and convenient, as it places any files downloaded by Wolvic in with all downloads, which follows the generally expected behaviour of a Web browser. It also means users don’t have deal with a special process to copy files from Wolvic’s downloads to the general downloads folder, as was the case before.

We’re continuing to make hand tracking detection more reliable. Furthermore, the code that tracks gestures has been refactored to greatly reduce the unintended triggering of gestures and to give us a more flexible foundation going forward. We have also fixed a bug in the Lynx R1 where the controllers were not visible while visiting an immersive WebXR experience, and another where the left hand gesture was not triggering the Menu button.

In the realm of other input channels, the keyboard’s layout will follow the system’s language by default, unless the user changes their preferred language and/or layout within Wolvic. Also, search suggestions in the URL bar will no longer omit some characters.

As ever, if you’ve found a problem or have another issue, please send us your feedback or, if you prefer, file an issue on GitHub.