Wolvic 1.6.1 Released

Greetings, and welcome to this first update release of the 1.6 family of Wolvic! This continues our development of the Gecko-based branch of Wolvic. (If you’re interested in Wolvic but need a Chromium-driven version, our beta release of WolviChromium should get an update in the near future.)

The big changes in this release are focused on the sizing of windows, and also the addition of support for the Huawei Vision Glass, a set of smart glasses which are tethered to the smartphone and can display high-definition videos and immersive content. The phone itself can be used as a controller, with a new secondary UI that includes a touchpad and media controls. We’ve restored the ability to go back a page using the B and Y buttons on the controller, at least for those controllers that have them, after hearing from a number of users who really valued that feature.

Viewing videos in VR environments can be a little challenging sometimes. In 1.6.1, we’ve improved the logic around resizing video media so that the aspect ratio of the video is honored as much as possible, while keeping the window size within a sensible range. This means both widescreen and vertical video should get a much better presentation when using “fullscreen” mode, as shown in the following videos.

We’ve also made it so fully-immersive videos can be reoriented to have “forward” appear in front of you regardless of your physical position. This fixes a problem some people may have had when lying down and discovering all they could see was the top of the skybox.

If you enjoy immersive experiences, we have four new environments coming with 1.6.1. All four are now available through Wolvic’s Settings > Environment dialog, where any new additions to the Wolvic 3D Environments GitHub repository will appear and be available for download. Our thanks to Masakazu Matsumoto, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, and Simon Inns for releasing their works under the CC BY 2.0 license.

Along with those changes, there were a lot of bugs fixed and stabilities improved, as shown in the Notes section at the end of this post. If you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please send us your feedback or, if you prefer, file an issue on GitHub. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Wolvic 1.6.1!





Huawei Vision Glass