Wolvic 1.6 Released

Hello, and welcome to Wolvic 1.6! Our focus for this release was mainly on bringing aboard a new supported device and firming up various things of core importance, and addressing lots of things that our users have helpfully provided feedback on, rather than adding too many splashy new features. Let’s jump in and review.

First off, we’ve added the Pico Neo3 to our list of supported devices, so welcome to the pack, Neo3 users! If you know someone with a Neo3, be sure to tell them!

We’ve also taken many suggestions toward improving fullscreen video viewing, including fixing problems some people were encountering with vertical videos on YouTube. We think we’ve cleared this up, but if you run into fullscreen video viewing problems, let us know via our feedback form or file an issue on GitHub.

The upstream dependencies used in Wolvic have been upgraded to Gecko 121 and Android Components 121.1, bringing Wolvic up to the very end of 2023 in terms of standards support and relevant patches. At the same time, we removed the telemetry privacy option on non-Huawei devices, since the Mozilla telemetry service we were using has already been disabled in Wolvic. Those running Wolvic on Huawei devices retain their telemetry privacy option, as Huawei platforms have their own telemetry system.

Wolvic is interested in working everywhere, for everyone so we’ve also expanded our translations. Currently Wolvic is fully translated to English, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, French, Danish, Swedish, and Galician. We’ve also focused a bit on the keyboard in general this release, improving the responsiveness and stability of the keyboard, and added an experimental autocomplete implementation for Latin-language keyboards. You can enable it by going to Settings > Display and then enabling “Latin Keyboard Input Auto-complete”. The dictionaries for each language will be downloaded on demand. Try it out, and send us feedback.

We’ve also added three new VR environments, from a calm country meadow to the depths of outer space. To get access to these or any of the other available environments, go to Settings > Environment, where Wolvic will automatically check the Wolvic 3D Environments GitHub repository for any new additions.

Those are the highlights for this release, but as always, there are still more changes and updates listed in the notes below. If you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please send us your feedback or, if you prefer, file an issue on GitHub. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Wolvic 1.6!