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Android Packages for manual install. See all releases in our Github repository.

Huawei VR Glasses (outside mainland China, 3DoF & 6DoF) 1.5.1 Wolvic-hvr-arm64-gecko-generic-release.apk 90.6 MB
Meta Quest2, Meta Quest3 & Meta Quest Pro (non-store version for sideloading) 1.5.1 Wolvic-oculusvr-arm64-world-gecko-generic-release.apk 88.6 MB
Meta Quest2 & Meta Quest Pro (store version) 1.5.1 Wolvic-oculusvr-arm64-world-gecko-metaStore-release.apk 88.6 MB
Pico4 & Pico4E 1.5.1 Wolvic-picoxr-arm64-gecko-generic-release.apk 103 MB

Note: Most of these devices require your device to be in Developer Mode in order to sideload packages manually. More information and links explaining how to put your device into developer mode are available on our wiki. Manually installed packages will not auto-update.