Wolvic In App Stores

Until today, Wolvic was available for Meta Quest devices only by finding it through Meta’s “App Lab”. This required users to know about the App Lab, and how to find it there, specifically. Despite this, Wolvic’s App Lab versions have had tens of thousands of downloads.

Today, we’re happy to finally be entering the Oculus Store as an approved app, having passed review by the store’s curators and been approved for wide availability. This is a significant step forward for us, as it significantly lowers barriers to discovery. Now, anyone can find Wolvic by searching for Wolvic by name, or even just searching for ‘browser’.

Wolvic in the Oculus App Store
Wolvic in the Oculus Store

This week, we also became available in the Pico Enerprise store, and we expect to land in the consumer Pico store in the future. Pico users who are comfortable with sideloading apps can install Wolvic on their devices via our downloads page, as can users of any device we support.

All in all, the Wolvic pack continues to grow. If you haven’t tried out Wolvic yet, please do!

Wolvic in the Pico Enterprise Store
Wolvic in the Pico Enterprise store